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01 June 2016

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New Website for Training

Having trained so many people 1-2-1 over the years in how to get up and running, we finally decided to go ahead and start up a training arm of The Little Local Marketing Company. What a ride this is!

Everyone who has ever approached us for services is suffering from the same issue: knowledge block. And as with most knowledge blocks – it seems insurmountable doesn’t it! I really empathise with all of my clients, walking into the unknown is as terrifying as it is exciting!

So here we are, we have officially done it, and with the new website it feels all the more official.

Oh, I’m sure we will find bugs galore, and I am waiting for the complaints – but bear with me -I will get all of the problems sorted.

Compliments and congratulations on a postcard please, we are feeling very magnanimous today!

Our Latest Courses

Websites (unless you want something that will perform like Michael Flatley for you) are very basic and obtainable things if you know your way around the digital landscape and can swot for an hour or two.

Busy people, however, need to know only the essential most important information as quickly as possible. So if you like the new website, and want to know how to nap one for yourself quickly, easily and at low cost, drop us a line pronto.

Special Guest Interview

Getting up and running and in touch with the online, digital side of things doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can be easy as one two three…so easy in fact, we knocked all of the info together in a one day workshop that will bring your knowledge and ability levels up to ours (and that’s the information it has taken us literally years to gather).


Go on! Contact us! You know you want to 😉

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