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Hello. Our school was designed to help students learn real, applicable skills that will make a difference to their work and productivity

The Little Local Marketing Company is made up of 3 slick and seasoned advertising, marketing and design professionals who have worked in highly competitive markets for more than a decade.

Having spoken to so many different companies needing very similar (and easy to fulfil) services – we realised that what these clients could really do with is training in those areas.

And boom! Our company was born. Today, we help small businesses become empowered. No more expensive bills with expensive agencies – now, anyone who attends one of our workshops can know the same things we do – and apply them in the classroom and away back at their business.

Our students love it, we love it and your bottom line will most definitely loves it too.

Roger Odili

Director Hunt New Business

Roger is the owner of Hunt New Business. He has been introducing strong revenue streams for businesses for a decade and is exceptionally experienced in sales of all levels.

Leyla E.

Director The Little Local Marketing Company

Seasoned expert in getting off the ground, and fast onto selling and generating incomes.

Mo El Moudden

Sales Manager EC English

Mo is sales manager at a major international language company, and does business all across the globe. He has over 10 years of high level sales experience, and is a master of using Linkedin for business skills as well as trading and selling internationally.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









01. Experience

Our teachers are not full time teachers. They are experts in their fields who do the work they are teaching every day, often at a very high and intense level. By recruiting people who are doing the actual jobs, we give you an authentic, on-the-ground teaching that you can apply right away.

02. Professionality

You are busy and don't have time to read pages and pages of (often unnecessary) information. This is why we have streamlined every aspect of our business so all you need to do is plug in, turn up and walk away up skilled.

03. Guarantee

We guarantee that our courses will make a difference to your work and your productivity and we do this by making sure we understand who you are, what you need and why you are attending so we can tailor our content to suit your business needs.

04. Quality

There is nothing better than being taught by someone who does the skill you need day in day out. We deliver content that has not been learned from books, but from years and years of experience.

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